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Send money worldwide – safely, quickly and easily.

As a leading issuer of prepaid credit cards, Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services Inc., like many other banks, is in the midst of the digital transformation. The competitive market demands new, innovative solutions for cashless payment transactions – primarily via mobile apps.


In April 2019 HIS was commissioned with the operational project management for the latest product Swiss Bankers “Send”. The goal was to coordinate the implementation with several external providers, to ensure the integration and testing with Mastercard and finally to verify the implementation of the requirements and to provide it for the go-live in the market.


“Send” is based on various systems and specially provided services. The focus of the engagement was on the orchestrated provision of the various services, which together had to meet all the needs in the area of payment processing via APP.

Regulatory requirements (FINMA) and Mastercard guidelines (limits) had to be observed, as well as the targeted integration into the existing Swiss Bankers processes and system landscape. The following topics played a decisive role in the step-by-step implementation and provision of Release 1.0 – 1.2 by the end of June 2020:

  • Simplification of onboarding (Due Dilligence Level) for existing customers
  • Limit checks
  • Identify and process of high risk transactions
  • Checking recipients against international sanctions lists
  • Support of various transmission options (Cash collection, Mobile wallet, Mastercard card or Bank account)
  • Support for a wide range of payment options (Swiss Bankers card, Credit card, Postcard, Bank transfer)
  • Checkout process (SIX/Saferpay)
  • Payment processing (via Mastercard)

Our contribution

  • Project management incl. product delivery responsibility
  • Coordination of all partners (internal and external)
  • Change Management
  • E2E Test Management
  • E2E documentation

Staff know-how, which made the solution possible.

Roger Schneider

Project management: The integration into the existing environment and the coordination of the various processes was a challenge - it was great how everything fit together for the go-live!

Through his dedicated efforts and by ensuring the gradual delivery of customer benefits, the project manager has played a key role in shaping our ambitious project for a new mobile product, Swiss Bankers "Send".

Dirk Blumenthal, CTO
Through his commitment and experience, this project manager has made a significant contribution to the success of our new product Swiss Bankers "Send".

Simone Fischer, COO

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