Integrated material procurement for clinics along the supply chain.

Full supply chain support through and innovative web-based solution.


Rising cost pressure in health care, health department austerity and concentration in the industry are causing hospitals to seek new ways to make their services even more cost-effective and efficient.

GEBLOG was founded in 2006 as a service and purchasing community. Its purpose is to sustainably strengthen the independence and self-administration of the affiliated hospitals and health care institutions with a broad and professional range of offerings and services.

Efforts to reduce costs included a web-based solution to optimize information and material flow. The clinics needed to be able to bundle material deliveries, order them together and order them from their own central warehouse.


Since the direct connection of the various materials management systems to the central logistics department initially caused too high a cost and took too long for the materials management suppliers, a solution was conceived that was pragmatic and fast, with significantly fewer adaptations by the materials management systems and provided maximum comfort for the ordering departments of the hospitals and central logisticians.

The web-based OP4 system realized and introduced in 2008 offered all departments of the three affiliated hospitals (University Clinics of Balgrist, Uster, and Wetzikon) the possibility to directly record their material requirements per department and to transmit the order electronically to the central warehouse. The purchases were automatically processed in the logistics system and the delivery made to the department in the hospital the next day. The quantities procured were periodically adjusted with the hospital’s own materials management system.

Orders from suppliers were consolidated automatically and across hospitals by OP4 and ordered electronically via an intermediary (Medical Columbus). The material ordered was delivered to the central warehouse by the various suppliers. The goods receipts were available to the departments via OP4.

OP4 was in productive use for around eight years until it was discontinued and replaced in 2015 by the direct materials management connections to the logistics system implemented in the meantime.

Our contribution

  • Conception and development of the web-based solution
  • Bundling of the material order
  • Supply according to Kanban
  • Flexible connection to the materials management and logistics systems using EDI (XML)
  • Productive operation of the operative solution
  • Second- and third-level support

Employees specific know-how, which made the solution possible.

Roger Schneider

Project Manager and Lead Business Analyst: Fast and pragmatic realisation of an idea for the digitalisation of logistics in the healthcare market with direct customer benefit.

The web-based solution OP4 enabled us to control the order cycle between the clinics and the central warehouse as well as the suppliers in a sustainable way and to optimize it for the hospitals.

Christian Heeb, CEO
Geblog Med AG

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