Sustainable architecture increases your competitiveness.

Intelligent networking is the central building block of digitization.

Existing systems often have structures that have grown over time but no longer meet today’s requirements in terms of flexibility, scalability and consistency. The result is high costs for maintenance and further development.

Digital transformation

Our architects support you in the transformation of existing systems into contemporary, scalable, and sustainably flexible overall architectures. Their expertise includes both distributed and mainframe environments. They use a variety of up-to-date techniques and tools to provide targeted and timely sound analysis and develop new architectural concepts from it. They quickly enable you to take concrete steps to improve stability and consistency in your day-to-day operations as well as the ability to adapt to rapidly changing business needs.

Tangible benefits

Our extensive experience enables us to assist you and your business with architectural issues with regards to better quality, more cost-effective maintenance, easier extensibility, and a continuous flow of information.

What can you expect?

  • Support from professionals with many years of expertise in architecture in the mainframe environment and decentralized systems
  • Certified experts with methodological competence and a practice-oriented approach
  • Customer-oriented, motivated employees with a very high degree of flexibility in terms of location and working hours
  • Our employees speak fluent German and English</li

Wir kümmern uns für Sie darum

Ueli Sutter

Completed bank apprenticeship, federal diploma in business informatics with over 35 years of professional experience in all IT disciplines for financial service providers, including over 10 years of experience in business and application architecture, very good and quick comprehension, winning personality and committed team player.


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Ueli Sutter
Member of the Executive Board, Chairman of the Board of Directors
P +41 44 445 69 69
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