We develop software with understanding.

How and why do successful software development projects work?

Programming languages, tools, and processes are important, and they are described in detail in numerous books. However, the people involved and the way they work are often decisive. That’s why we place emphasis on how our software engineers think and work.

How do you get the best solution for a specific problem? Which mechanisms are successful in solving problems and communicating within teams? An understanding of these aspects makes it possible to specifically increase productivity in project work and, to plan and carry out software development projects more successfully and to optimize them on an ongoing basis.

Software engineering thus takes on a new dimension, because as key players, software developers, architects, project managers, and managers know exactly how each individual and the team as a whole can work more productively.

Best practices, skill-based teams, and domain-driven design

Software engineering is an integral process that brings together customer requirements and modern technology. We compile domain-specific development teams (for example, for tax or pricing domains). In addition, not only are our software specialists technologically up-to-date; they perfectly understand your technical needs and your specific IT environment.

Our software engineering pursues a pragmatic approach that leads to an efficient software solution and integration through the use of proven domain concepts, domain software building blocks, methods, and processes. We provide agile software development in a constantly changing environment.

What can you expect?

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  • Transparent knowledge work and planning in conjunction with customers increases the productivity of our software development
  • Successful and fast implementation thanks to domain-driven design
  • Effective knowledge flow, interdisciplinary problem-solving and flat project hierarchies (“substance instead of status”) guarantee successful software projects
  • Broad expertise in state-of-the-art development methodology and legacy technologies
  • Use of current development tools, as well as proven architectural models
  • We take responsibility and maintain your existing solutions (IBM zOS, Cobol, DB2)

We take care of the development on the mainframe for you

Stefano Christen

Cobol Engineer: Bank, financial service provider, tour operator, automotive industry; Jackson, IBM zOS/DB2, Cobol, JCL; Experienced developer, profound knowledge, team player


Knud Harmuth

Cobol Engineer: Bank, financial services provider;Jackson, zOS/DB2, Cobol, SQL, JCL, Mercury Quality Center; prudent, highly professional developer and outstanding team player


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