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Legal form

HIS Consultants AG was founded in 1973 and is a public limited company under Swiss law with legal domicile in Zug. HIS Consultants AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of HIS Holding AG. The shares of HIS Holding AG are held by active employees in HIS at all levels.

Financial situation

Our company is financed exclusively by its own funds. The absence of any third-party financing leads to good cost efficiency. The capital (share capital and reserves) amounts to over one million Swiss francs.

Head office

  • Flurstrasse Zürich

Thanks to modern development premises we are able to carry out turnkey projects at fixed prices without having to use the often limited premises of our clients, whether via leased lines to mainframes or via our own development infrastructures. We consider generous, ergonomically designed workspaces together with effective software engineering tools to be the prerequisites for successful development.

 HIS Consultants AG, Flurstrasse 32, CH-8048 Zürich, Tel: +41 44 445 69 69

 HIS Engineering AG, Flurstrasse 32, CH-8048 Zürich, Tel: +41 44 485 41 41