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Our vision

We focus on consultancy and the development and integration of solutions for financial services providers in Switzerland and abroad. We are Number 1 in our area.

The incomparable spirit of the HIS Group promotes the identification and loyalty in and between the independent HIS companies.

The HIS Group creates for its employees the environment, climate and opportunity for professional top performance, self-realisation and further development.

Integrity, fairness and quality are the basic values on which we base our long-term, productive relationships with our partners (clients, employees, alliances, suppliers).

Our vision and conscious, patient growth allow us to build new services and markets to a high level.

Our constantly high service level and our effective project management are legendary and serve as a model for others. Whatever we do, we do exceptionally well.

We, at HIS

How HIS sees itself is clear from the following mission statement. This serves to provide fundamental information on us and forms the basis for the concrete organisational, specialist and financial structures of our company.

Our employees are the life blood of HIS

As a software and consultancy company HIS owes its existence to the services that its employees provide for its clients. Our employees represent the most significant success factor of our company and are therefore the life blood of HIS. We want our company to be as good as its employees. We want to structure HIS in such a way that the employees and the company form a united whole.

HIS offers the space for the self-realisation of its employees

Personal and professional further development can contribute to job satisfaction. We would like to achieve this at HIS by allowing freedom of action, interesting activities, professional further development and alternative development opportunities.

HIS belongs to its employees

HIS is constituted as a public limited company. We offer our employees the opportunity to become shareholders, thereby harmonising the interests of these two different .

HIS is a living organism

HIS bases its existence on long-term, sustainable planning. It is kept alive by the responsible actions and independence of each individual employee. 

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